Thursday, July 17, 2008

like some desert mirage

time flies.

that midpoint benchmark of summer has passed with little notice, save for the recent glut of smog advisory warnings and the freezer at shopper's drug mart being perpetually sold out of creamsicles. a tragedy of greek proportions, to be sure.

it has the strangest effects on people.

gets me thinking it's a good idea to walk around outside when it's so hot out that waves of heat cause a glare on the pavement which wrinkles and folds before me like some desert mirage.

city heat has a completely different feel than country heat and even after the years and years that i've spent here, i've never truly adjusted. all those miles and miles of cement landscape magnifying and melting the wads of discarded gum into sticky piles of peppermint and aspartame that ooze their way into sewer drains.

city heat.
it slows the blood in your veins, causing you to move around in half-time and extend every breath into a sigh... causing you to lay awake at night making plans...


Blogger Nick said...

Happy birthday, kid. Hope everything is wonderful.

12:45 PM  

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