Wednesday, March 28, 2007

skippy, in case you were wondering

dear, oh dear, it has be eons since i last posted.

my apologies.

when i first set out on my own last december without a computer or internet access, i truly thought that my vivacious drive to blog would carry me through. however, a year and a half later it seems that i'm now in need of some serious blogger viagra.

the good news, is that now spring has sprung (thank jebus) and so i now have fewer reasons to talk myself out of walking to the internet cafe in favour of chain-smoking and drinking bottle after bottle of nantucket nectars pomegranet pear flavour juice(even though it truly IS the nectar of the gods).

to kick off my return to blogland, i leave you with this random thought:

one of my very favourite things is the first finger scoop of peanut butter. when i am having a particularly rough day, it helps to open up a new jar of peanut butter; gaze upon the perfectly smooth, undisturbed, just-left-the-peanut-butter-factory freshness and then stick my finger in the middle of it. whenever i buy a jar of peanut butter it's always tough to not go straight for it when i get home, but i stave off the temptation by reminding myself that it's better to save it for later- when i might really, really, really need it.

sniff ya later