Saturday, January 28, 2006

150, but who's counting?

this is my 150th post.

i was kind of saving it, just in case something genius came to mind that would launch me into supreme blogebrity status- alack such luck.

after reading anthony's blog about aging but not getting any older, i feel it's time to re-examine things. i'm a year older than anthony, but don't get any ideas; i'm none the wiser and none the brighter. for all i aspire- i'm still working at a bar and living alone. four years ago i had a finely crafted plan with which i foresaw myself graduating university at the end of this year and moving on to a fulfilling career. now four years later, i drink too much coffee, smoke too many cigarettes and have forgotton all too conveniently what those plans even were. so strange how things become so quickly askew with the relentless aid of depression, apathy and general laziness.

basically...if i am still working at the west town by the end of this year, you are all instructed to come out here from your respective countries and shoot me in the head, execution style.

happy 150!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

good news and bad news

i hate sleeping alone.

but not the way you think, dear.
not enough to end up the where you think i will, dear.

you said you know you haven't done anything to hurt me, because if you had, then you'd feel bad... and since you don't feel bad at all, then i must be fine.

you're so wrong.
what you said was wrong.
what you're doing is wrong.
what you're seeing is wrong.
and you're only fooling yourself.

left my cd case in your flat. far too horrifying waking up this morning with the realization that i'd have to get through the day with nothing to listen to aside from my inhalations and exhalations. not that i've ever noticed them much before, but i do notice them now that they're the only sounds around. the repetitiveness could be chinese water torture.

the good news is it's still early.
the bad news is that it's so early.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

blogger whereart thou?

I visited someone’s blog yesterday- I’m not naming names (anthony)- only to discover that I’ve been excluded from the list of people in the order of which he values them. It was then that I decided that I’ve been delinquent for far too long and perhaps it was time to let everyone (anthony) know that I haven’t died or anything and therefore should not be omitted from any future lists and also that perhaps some people (anthony) should revise said lists accordingly

it's like i've been asleep in a coma for months. and when i woke up- nothing changed.

'nothing changes except the red lights'

i disappeared from blogland just before christmas due to lack of internet connection and the general distraction that comes with having a life of sorts. i'd like to say that i've spent my hiatus learning a new language, publishing a ground-breaking novel or discovering the secrets of the universe- but the truth is that I’ve mainly been napping and working a lot.

A list of interesting things that have occurred recently:

I quit smoking
I used my new iron for the first time last week
I hit a traffic cone with my sister’s car when attempting to exit the highway
I watched all of the first and second series of ‘the office’ with paul
I later discovered that there’s an American version of it as well that is not nearly as funny/cool
I spilled a glass of water on my new tegan and sara cd and was sad
I resolved to get a haircut this week- but didn’t

I know, I know…you’re all jellus, aren’t you (anthony)