Friday, May 18, 2007

sunshine and lollipops

today the sun is shining and as i sat down to do a little coffee sipping/chainsmoking in the sun room, it occurred to me that it's been an embarrassing length of time since i last blogged.

ahh, i remember the days when blogging filled my every waking moment (and even some of my sleeping ones, egad!). from the strange to the mundane, daily occurances all seemed worthy of gracing the page. see a film: blog it, whip some cream for too long and turn it into butter: blog it, make cookies out of said butter: blog it, get a puppy: oh you bet i blogged that.

benny is marvelous by the way.

so i was thinking about what it was that must have happened to dampen a once firey addiction like blogging into the rare dabble it has become. (well i GUESS i'll go and blog know...for my public and all....eeeeeeesh)

well don't worry.

i vow to now spend 1/10 of my facebook time back here on blogger. ostensibly to blog about facebook, but nevermind that.

hey listen- a post is a post.

sniff ya later.