Friday, June 16, 2006

sundown in the paris of the prairies...

wheat kings have all their treasures burried...

so i'm typing this little note from an internet kiosk in the banff mall. emily and i pulled into banff yesterday evening after being on the road for four days. we drove from hamilton through michigan, wisconsin, minnesota, north dakota, winnipeg, brandon, regina, moosejaw, calgary and finally arrived here in banff.

i'd just like to say one thing to my american neighbours to the south... you people have been DUPED. i say this because throughout my stay in your country, i injested some of the worst, i repeat, the WORST nasty, brown-coloured water ever brewed in history. apparently, someone has been telling you all that that vile beverage is coffee, but i assure you- it is not. in canada, coffee is a delicious, dark roasted and aromatic experience. every single cup of "coffee" that i had stateside tasted like shit and it would be a crime for this offense to continue. it's time for you all to stand up for yourselves and shout out loud "we want some tim horton's!!!!"

in other news, nothing in the world is more entertaining than a good, solid north country accent. it's like being in the movie "fargo"; the fun never ends!

that's it for now.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006


good news, good news my friends.

after over a month of phoning up various people who posted ads in the newspaper with no success, it's finally happened...

i bought a puppy!!!

a beagle puppy!!!

i named him benny!!!

benny the beagle!!!

he is five weeks old at the moment and thus is still living with his mama. emily and i are leaving monday for our roadtrip out to calgary and i'm picking him up the day after i get back. i decided that i wouldn't be one of those annoying pet owners who spoils their dog with loads of unnecessary shit...but once i got into a pet store, that philosophy lasted about a minute and a half. anyone who has ever seen the ridiculous cuteness that is the puppy-sized kong toy knows that one (or more) must be had. there are limits, of course. for example: last week i saw a girl at fortinos with what looked to me like a big burbery purse in her shopping cart. unbeknownst to me, it turned out to be a dog carrying case and a little bichon frise poked its yappy little head out and barked at me in the frozen food aisle.

in the words of that wise old sage charlie brown...

good grief

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look at this face!