Saturday, October 28, 2006

notes from the road

my last post didn't load apparently. rather irritating, but nonetheless, i'm here now so you can all dry your eyes.

i'm in the midst of transit at the moment. i'm about halfway through my bus trip to saskatoon. you may remember that i went on a roadtrip to calgary back in june with miss emily. since then, miss emily has relocated once more to saskatoon. saskawho? yes, i know. it's far. it's remote. there's not much to do there. all i can say is that there had better be alcohol...and vast quantities at that, when i arrive tomorrow evening. it's a 45 hour bus trip via canada's famed highway one. it's been pretty smooth thus far. sleeping is a bit of a problem- but otherwise, i'm having a good time considering the means of travel. canada is a beautiful country, i must admit.

right now i'm just checking in from thunder bay. it's been over 20 hours just to get this far, but apparently, it's pretty rapid the rest of the way. we should be in winnipeg by mid-morning and in saskatoon by tomorrow evening, at which time i will sleep the sleep that is normally reserved for babies alone.

until then...