Thursday, September 29, 2005

nothing but circus tunes in my head

so mark and i are heading out to the Caledonia Fair tomorrow night. yeah, we're small-town; what about it?

anyway- this particular fair is an annual delight for the two of us. i've gone to it for 21 out of the 22 years of my life and it's always a good time. fudge, ferris wheels and award-winning giant pumpkins...what could possibly be more fun?

on a side note- the brother's grimm is currently gracing a theatre near you. me, i'm not overly enthralled with what i've seen thus far in the previews, however, seeing as the bellooch is in it, i can only surmise that i'll be amongst those clammouring (re: drooling) in the ticket lines.

i've said it before, and i'll say it again.

monica bellucci is fucking HAWT!


Thursday, September 22, 2005

mon pays est plus beau que le tien

at last, here are some of the pictures from algonquin for your viewing pleasure.


je suis canadienne


before sunset

tabi + i

there'll be no light tonight, if i'm fated...

i bought matt good's new cd 'in a coma' today.

i brought it home, took it into the spare room, turned out the lights, and listened to an accoustic version of 'primetime deliverance'. by the end of it, my cheeks were lined on either side with a streak each. i can't say what it is specifically about that song that takes me apart, but piece by piece i disconnect and suddenly all the reports that i've heard of people writing lyrics to his songs in sidewalk chalk all over vancouver become strangely reasonable.

and so, with all that in mind, i'm saving the algonquin picture project for tomorrow.

oops i almost forgot. buy 'in a coma' here

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

a loaded god complex, cock it and pull it

back from algonquin.
it was rad.
it rained a little on the first day, but i was cool with it because i had a raincoat. actually, i borrowed a raincoat from my sister because i'm never prepared for those kinds of things. that's a statement that i feel could be appropriately applied to my life in most ways. even when i know it's going to rain, i never take a raincoat.

going through my blogroll today, i clicked the Malformed Logic link but instead of being taken to his blog site where i would be greeted by the java script timer counting down the days left until he went to prison, there was just a blank page stating that his blog could not be found. so i guess the timer ran out. in my mind's eye i see him sitting alone in a cell wishing that he'd had a raincoat to protect him the day his anger rained down.

on a side note- i took a lot of pictures in algonquin that i'll post later on this evening. the weather is perfect today so i'm going out to try and fly this kite that i bought in the spring. every time i try to get it airborne i just crash the shit out of it- but it's all taped up now and ready to go so i'll let you all know how it turns out.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

bring on the brand new renaissance cuz i think i'm ready, i've been shaking all night long- but my hands are steady

today is half naked thursday. usually i forgo this particular blogging tradition but i figured i'd give it a go since i have nothing else to do tonight. i went to see proof tonight with gwyneth paltrow and jake gyllenhaal. it was an invitational viewing so everyone else has to wait until the 30th for the wide release. i thought it was a really good flick (plus donnie darko is my hero).

also i finished packing everything for my trip to algonquin tomorrow, camera included so my next post should be chock full of the incredible landscape that algonquin becomes in the fall.

camping is my all time favourite canadian past time. i love sleeping outside, building my own fires, hiking around the canadian shield and canoeing the same waterways as tom thompson.

sleeping in the dirt through 7 degree evenings, i know i don't even have to say anything- you're all green with envy.

that's my hand by the way, not my breast

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

dude, what's with frodo eating all the hookers?


so it's been a while.

i was working like a dog this week to pay for the new bed/boxspring/mattress that i bought from ikea a few days ago. it's beautiful. and oh so comfy.

i have a busy weekend planned as i'm going to algonquin park again for the weekend. it'll be my last camp of the year probably so i want it to be good. pictures will be provided, to enhance jealousy of course. tomorrow mark and i are on the hunt to buy groceries, beer and flannel pants to keep warm as it drops down to zero in the evenings up there. beer and flannel. could anything be more canadian?

also, i'm going to see proof tomorrow night with mark, erin and amy. erin works at hmv and thus provides me frequently with free movie passes. bless her little sold-her-soul-to-the-devil-to-win-every-boardgame-that-we-ever-play heart.

oh yeah. watched sin city last night.

alls i gots to say is:


Thursday, September 08, 2005

blue skies over badlands

so my birthday bash was a blast.

i went to the salon with my sister tabitha, got me some fancy nail bling. then we hit the stag shop cuz she said she needed to buy a gag gift. so while we were perusing their fine selection of dildos, guess who shows up to surprise me?

my mom.

my cheeks created a completely new shade of red. brutal.

dinner was on mom. la spaghett, an italian restaurant. after mussels, crostini, the richest pasta that's ever crossed my lips and two bottles of chianti we headed back downtown to hit hess village. met up with mark and friends and spent the remainder of the night at ceildh house where i downed a couple strongbow as well as an unknown number of shots. after that, we came back to the apartment, i left a retarded comment on anthony's blog and that was that.

water aerobics tonight was a little nauseating but thus far i have no complaints about 22. i thought i wanted to hang onto 21 a little longer but i'm over it.

22in' it up for the next 12 months is much less frightening now.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

champagne for my real friends and real pain for my sham friends

i'm officially 22.

everyone is cordially invited to buy me a shot at hess village tonight.

Monday, September 05, 2005

factoid monday

today is labour day. i'm working the close tonight at the bar. that means that i get to serve all the losers who didn't go to cottage country to celebrate the last weekend of summer (i guess i'm one of them?). in lieu of a real post, i've decided to begin a new monday tradition.

5 Things you Probably Didn't Know...

1. I put green tobasco sauce on almost every applicable carb because I secretly believe (sans any scientific proof) that it speeds up my metabolism thus preventing PBDBS (Post-Binge Duff Blimp Syndrome)

2. Whenever Mark sees a picture of Hilary Swank, he involuntarily begins to nay like a horse and shout 'horseface!' all tourrette's-like. It's very embarrassing (for me, not him)
this is an audio post - click to play

3. I once licked a customer's coffee spoon before I put it in his coffee because he snapped his fingers and made the 'pssst' sound to get my attention.

4. I will not eat anything that is grape flavoured due to a traumatic childhood incident.

5. My birthday is on wednesday (okay, you probably did know that already- i'm just trying to boost my chances of getting rad e-cards)

Happy Labour Day biyotches.

Friday, September 02, 2005

ain't got no picture postcards, ain't got no souvenirs, my baby she don't know me when i'm thinking about those years

bourbon blues on the street, loose and complete
under skies all smoky blue green
i can't forsake a dixie dead shake
so we danced the sidewalk clean
my memory is muddy
what's this river that i'm in?
new orleans is sinking, man
and i don't wanna swim

how strange. gord downie of the tragically hip wrote that song 16 years ago and now it's some kind of self fulfilling prophecy. i read somewhere that they don't bury the dead in new orleans. the highest point of the city is only 6ft above sea level and so they build mausoleums on soggy cemetary grounds, 'villes de les mortes'. in 2001, the city was under 20 ft of water and people were using scuba to get around the french quarter. and yet they all stayed. like pompeii and herculaneum to vesuvius- people are compelled.

to those of you on dry land, you can help out here

Thursday, September 01, 2005

you drop a caribou, i'll tell on you

so i was called in to work at 8:30 last night. i was watching much music and the phone rang mid-popcorn. when i saw that it was my work number, i momentarilly debated answering- but considering how much money i've spent on clothes and drinking lately i came to the eventuality that i could use the money. it was heidi the insanely beautiful bartender calling to inform me that the girl who usually closes on wednesdays collapsed in a seizure and asked if i could come in immediately. so i put some pants on and hit the road.

it's september now- so i guess summer is officially over. autumn is my favourite season because the weather and country become so beautiful. i leave for algonquin again in two weeks where the leaves will have already started changing.

if you want to know what it feels like to be canadian, download lodestar by sarah harmer.

je suis ka'na'd'yan